Epilog Fusion M2 Laser Systems

By Epilog Laser

Epilog's premium top-of-the-line engraving and cutting systems. The Fusion M2 series is Epilog's newest concept for fast precise engraving, cutting and marking. The Fusion M2 series features:

  • 32" x 20" or 40" x 28" engraving area
  • Our new standard for motion control design
  • Better flame-polished edge cuts
  • Our highest engraving and cutting speeds
  • Large viewing door with LED lighting
  • Dual source (fiber and CO2) and camera options available.

And we're proud to say it is designed, engineered and built in the USA!

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Epilog Fusion M2 Laser Series
Premium Laser Engraving & Cutting

Fusion M2 Laser Series Overview

In addition to high-quality components and unparalleled cutting and engraving results Epilog’s equipment is known for, the Fusion M2 features dedicated optics and a dedicated beam path for each of the laser sources before combining the paths prior to focusing. Some dual-laser systems compromise on optics or force you to switch out the laser source and/or the optics, but with the Fusion M2 series there is no need to manually swap anything; it all happens automatically.

Epilog Fusion M2 32 Lasers
32" x 20" Work Area

Epilog Fusion M2 32 System

Epilog Fusion M2 40 Laser
40" x 28" Work Area

Epilog Fusion M2 40 System