It's our new concept in laser system design, featuring:

  • 32" x 20" or 48" x 36" engraving area
  • 5G acceleration and 165 IPS engraving speeds
  • IRIS™ Camera Positioning system for quick optical registration
  • Touch Screen controls at the laser system
  • Our new standard for motion control design
  • New SAFEGUARD™ Features to reduce cleaning and maintenance
  • Flame-polished finshed edge cuts
  • Large viewing door and internal LED lighting
  • Engrave items up to 14.25" in material height

And we're proud to say it is 100% designed, engineered and built in the USA!

Fusion Pro Laser Feature Overview

Epilog Fusion Pro 32 Laser
32" x 20" Work Area

Epilog Fusion Pro 32 Laser Machine

Epilog Fusion Pro 32 Laser
With a large table size of 32" x 20" (812 x 508 mm), the Fuson Pro 32 is a popular choice to produce more for large run orders. The high quality engraving across the entire table is a result of the highest-quality components, high-speed servo motors, and our Radiance™ High Definition Optics.

Epilog Fusion Pro 48 Laser
48" x 36" Work Area

Epilog Fusion Pro 48 Laser Machine

Epilog Fusion Pro 48 Laser
With a larger work area of 48" x 36" (1219 x 914 mm), the Fuson Pro 48 features Epilog's largest work area. The Fusion Pro 48 machine is designed to engrave the same high-quality image at any point on the table by utilizing our top-of-the-line motion control system and industry-leading optics system. Explore the many reasons why the Fusion Pro 48 is the choice of so many for their laser engraving and cutting needs.